Baron 1898

Baron 1898 is a steel Dive Coaster at the Efteling theme park. The first test ride was held on 8 May 2015, after construction of the track was completed, and the first manned operation was conducted on June 18, 2015. Music was created by the Brussels Philharmonie symphony orchestra and several producers, under the direction of René Merkelbach. The ride opened on July 1, 2015. It is the first dive coaster manufactured by B&M that doesn’t feature a turn between the lift hill and the first drop.

Efteling‘s YouTube channel posted infrequent informational videos on the progress made on Baron 1898, with 10 full-length videos uploaded to date. Each video carefully details and outlines the processes used in each step of the construction of the roller coaster, including features such as aesthetics and track layout.


  • Location Europe / Netherlands
  • Status Operating
  • Classification Roller Coaster
  • Type Steel
  • Design Sit Down
  • Category Dive coaster, Floorless
  • Make Bolliger & Mabillard
  • Speed 90
  • Height 30
  • Drop 37.5
  • Inversions 2
  • Length 501
  • Duration 2:10
  • G-Force 3.0
  • Amusement Park Efteling
  • Capacity 1000
  • Elements 360° Helix, Chain Lift Hill, Immelmann, Tunnel, Zero-G Roll