Dragon Khan

Dragon Khan is a steel sit-down roller coaster located in the PortAventura theme park in Salou (Tarragona), Catalonia, Spain. Dragon Khan boasts eight inversions, which was a world record until the opening of the ten-inversion Colossus in Thorpe Park, United Kingdom in 2002.

Ride experience

After boarding the ride, riders climb to the top of the lift hill 45 m (148 ft). At the top, the track makes a right hand turn, then immediately dives down the first drop, crossing under Shambhala’s first drop and entering a 36 metres (118 ft) vertical loop. This is immediately followed by a diving loop. Right after this, the track goes through a zero-G roll, and a cobra roll. The track then goes through a midcourse brake run. Off the midcourse brake run, the track drops to the right into a second vertical loop and then finishes off with a pair of interlocking corkscrews. The ride then pulls up into the brake run before re-entering the Chinese-themed station. The track is 1,285 m (4,216 ft), and the ride’s top speed is over 104 km/h (65 mph). The ride’s duration is 1 minute and 45 seconds. The ride, thus far, has more inversions than any other B&M coaster made before or after.


  • Location Europe / Spain / Tarragona
  • Status Operating
  • Classification Roller Coaster
  • Type Steel
  • Design Sit Down
  • Make Bolliger & Mabillard
  • Speed 104,6
  • Height 45,1
  • Drop 49.1
  • Inversions 8
  • Length 1269.5
  • Duration 1:45
  • Amusement Park PortAventura Park
  • Elements Chain Lift Hill, Cobra Roll, Dive loop, Interlocking Corkscrews, Loop, Zero-G Roll