The Great White

The Great White is the first inverted roller coaster in Texas[1] and the first roller coaster to be built at a SeaWorld park. Despite its shortened track length, The Great White follows an identical ride layout as the Batman the Ride coasters at numerous Six Flags parks. At 2,562 feet (about 150 shorter than Batman’s 2,693 foot layout), the coaster doesn’t allow riders as much time to “recuperate” between inversions, consequently offering an extreme, forceful ride experience. Furthermore, The Great White sits lower to the ground, often deceiving its riders with elements such as “foot-choppers” as there are many trees and shrubs surrounding the coaster’s track. The Great Whiteis sometimes considered to be more intense than its Six Flags’ cousin because of its added 8th row (Goliath has only seven rows per train) and shorter track length (2,562 feet), compared to Goliath’s 2,700 feet.


  • Location North America / United States of America / Texas
  • Status Operating
  • Classification Roller Coaster
  • Type Steel
  • Design Inverted
  • Make Bolliger & Mabillard
  • Speed 80,5
  • Height 32,9
  • Drop 24.7
  • Inversions 5
  • Length 780.9
  • G-Force 4.6
  • Amusement Park SeaWorld San Antonio
  • Elements Chain Lift Hill, Corkscrew, Loop, Zero-G Roll